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Otavalo Market Ecuador |Facts|Days|Prices|Excursions

At the Otavalo Market Ecuador, every Saturday at dawn. Men and woman arrive to this place. Men, with their white trousers and long braids and women, with embroidered blouses, skirt, blue shawl, gold necklaces and bracelets of red mullos. Begin to set up in each …

8 touristic sites of Ecuador chosen to film Nicky Jam´s last video for his song “Si tu la Vez”

Out of  the four regions of Ecuador, three  where selected to film the video of the Regueton artists Nicky Jam & Winsin  for the song “Si tu la vez” (if you see her). It was filmed this May 2017 and the premiere of the video …

The fine Montecristi Ecuador panama hats, and it´s denomination of origin

The fine Montecristi Ecuador panama hats, and it´s denomination of origin. Considering that Ecuador is a megadiverse country by nature and the cultural diversity, present in the different regions, allows it to identify products that can be protected under this umbrella of “Intellectual Property“. As …