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July 8, 2023by EcuaTouring1

Mindo, is not only known for the number of birds that can be seen but is also known for its chocolate Tour, so what exactly is known as the Mindo chocolate tour ? And, what makes it different? This Chocolate tour is highly recommended because Ecuador is the producer of the top quality cacao beans, “Fine aroma national cacao”. On this exiting chocolate tour, you will be able to see the tree and some cacao pot hybrids, the pot and the chance to experience the tasting of the fresh pulp or fruit of the cacao pot, making this tour specially unique, since chances are, that you won’t have the chance to see this abroad because, the bean which is exported has been fermented and dried already.

Afterwards you will be explained about the different steps for the processing of the cacao beans and observe all these steps, from the beginning to the final product, which are the dark chocolate bars.

Therefore see the fermenting process, and learn why it is so important, the drying of the bean, the roasting, the husk separation and then the production steps as the grinding of the cacao nibs, the separation of the cocoa butter and powder, as well as the refining process known as conching, from here, in the next room you will be able to observe the final step on the production chain which is the dark chocolate bars. Then, the different flavors added by hand and packaging.  Finally the best part which is the sampling OMG! On the sampling you will have the chance to eat all the dark chocolate you can and its taste the different  subproducts, making  the Mindo chocolate tour exceptional and  different from the rest of the chocolate tours you will see in any other part of the planet!

The Mindo chocolate tour is an activity offered as part of the Mindo day tour from Quito, wheather you are chocolate lover an enthusiast or just to improve your general knowledge about how is dark chocolate made, this is a great learning and tasting experience. Mindo day tour is a full day packed with different activities and things to do in Mindo. Where you will be picked up from your accommodation in Quito and explore Mindo for one full day. Hop on a mindblowing adventure and discover the beauty of Mindo the best way you can discover Ecuador!

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Mindo, a cozy small town just 2.5 hour drive from Quito, is located in a valley to the north west of the capital city, surrounded by a lush green and unique ecosystem, the cloud forest, considered one of the world’s most beautiful ecosystem reserve, can be explored on a Mindo Day trip from Quito. Mindo is only an small part of a huge natural ecological reserve, known as the Andean Choco (Chocó Andino), which extends along four different countries, Panama (from south of the Darién gap), the Pacific coast of Colombia and part of its Caribbean coast, to the coast of Ecuador and the northernmost region of the Peruvian Andes.

Yet, in Ecuador this unique ecosystem, known as the cloud forest is probably the best place to visit and explore, since it is an easy trip from Quito to Mindo in a matter of relatively a short and nice drive along the north western mountain range down towards Mindo Cloud forest. This 2.5 hour drive is a contrast of colors, weather and elevation,  from dry forest to a lush and exhuberant jungle like forest from the highlands to a transition area between the Ecuadorian highlands and the lowlands, makes this drive towards Mindo a unique experience.

Within the area of the Andean Chocó, we can find more than 700 species of birds, 140 species of amphibians, 40 species of reptiles, as well as flora, among them, orchids and fauna.  With an extension of about 286000 hectares.  And as part of the Andean Choco, in Ecuador we can find an smaller area of cloud forest, but still part of the Andean Chocó, called the  Mindo-Nambillo Natural Reserve with 20000 hectares, which  in 2018 was recognized by the UNESCO as one of the most important Biosphere reserve on the planet, where the main purpose is the conservation of wild life. Also part of the water from this area, is the drinking water for the capital city of Quito.

If you have any question or doubt, would like us to help you plan your trip to mindo or throughout Ecuador, know about more things to do in Mindo feel free to contact EcuaTouring or leave us a comment, so that we can keep improving this article.

Need help planning your visit to Mindo?

One of our local specialists is here to help!
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    Need a full day tour from Rincon Familiar Hostel Boutique in Quito,on August 19. This will be for two people.


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