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One Day Trips from Quito

Ecuador a small country which is crossed, from East to West by the Equator or Equatorial line and from North to South crossed by the Andes. Ecuador gathers four climatological regions. Therefore, making this country so unique full of diversity in terms of flora, fauna, gastronomy, and culture. Due to its location, geography, and weather, there is so much to see and so many things to do. At times it can be difficult to discover everything that makes Ecuador so special and unique in a short period of time. Fortunately, with EcuaTouring, no matter which way you decide to go, we can assure you that with Ecuador´s diversity plus our customized services you will have a great experience to remember.

With Ecuatouring, you plan it! We make it possible!

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Quito Oldtown

If you are visiting Ecuador, “Quito Oldtown Tour,” is a must in your list. The Ecuadorian capital, is a mix of Inca, colonial and modern architecture. Surrounded by a fascinating environment in the nation’s cultural capital. […] More Details

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Equator Line

Although the Equator Line runs through hundreds of places, Ecuador is the one country that takes particular pride in its unique geographical location. In fact, the official name of Ecuador, literally translates to “Equator”. Its capital city of Quito, lies smack in the middle of the imaginary line.
[…] More Details

Cotopaxi Volcano Ecuador, Cotopaxi Ecuador, Ecuatouring, Cotopaxi day trip, cotopaxi excursion

Cotopaxi Highest Active Volcano

Cotopaxi Volcano Day Trip, visit the World highest active volcano (5,897 meters). Located an hour and a half from Ecuador’s capital city of Quito, therefore making it fairly easy to explore. On the slopes of this snow capped majestic volcano there is
[…] More Details

Quilotoa loop day trip, day trips from quito

Quilotoa the heart of the Andes

Quilotoa, the heart of the Andes. This turquoise salty water crater lake, was recognized as one of the 10 most beautiful lakes around the world. Quilotoa Loop also known as Quilotoa crater Lagoon
[…] More Details

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The nights of Quito, with it´s plazas and illuminated churches give another perspective and atmosphere of the historical center of Quito. Highlighting its beauty and architectural details. Discover the beauty of this, more than 500 year old, well preserved old town.
[…] More Details

Quito Oldtown & Equator Line, equator line, ecuatouring, quito day trip

Quito Oldtown & Equator Line

The capital of Ecuador has been recognized since 1978 as the first UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well-preserved, beautiful colonial center. And the capital city of Quito, lies smack in the middle of the imaginary line. […] More Details

MIndo Day Trip EcuaTouring

MIndo Cloudforest

Mindo, is all about nature, located two hours northwest of Quito. The Mindo-Nambillo, cloudforest lies in a valley, where you can find around 500 species of birds in their habitat in one of the most biodiverse places of flora and fauna. […] More Details

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Otavalo Indian Market

With an infinite variety of textiles, products and a great cultural wealth, wich indegenous still preserve. Therefore making it one of the most spectacular craft markets of all South America, […] More Details

Papallacta Volcanic Origin Springs

Papallacta Day Trip is the perfect excuse to relax!, hear the sound of silence! Enjoy watching the surrounding flora and fauna in the slopes of this Andean Paramo. Breath the purest air and observe the wisdom of nature.[…] More Details

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