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About e-Bikes and  e-bike Tours we offer

Let´s talk about the basics, so generally speaking e-bikes are bicycles with a battery powered assist, that comes through when you pedal; so pushing on the pedal activates a small motor that gives you a boost, so when you are going up a hill or cruising over rough terrain, you basically will do one half to a third of a regular bicycle without an electric motor and can do well on an extended range of up to 110 miles or 160km.

After this brief introduction, e-bikes can easily be the future transportation and, we as an Ecuador local tour operator, have taken it as an excellent option for tourism in Ecuador. We have tested them all over the country with outstanding results. As you might already know Ecuador is surrounded by mountains, where you can encounter, uphills, downhills, asphalt or a rougher off road terrain, as well as winding roads, being this very characteristics of the Ecuadorian Andes.

Our E-bike performance

Great news is that our mountain e-bikes, have basically no limitations under different weather or elevation conditions and work perfectly well for you to just enjoy the bicycle ride and the fantastic landscapes that Ecuador has to offer on every curve of the way.

Are e-bikes safe for seniors?

When it comes to age, ebikes lower the barrier to cycling, since anybody who has the will to ride an e-bicycle and with a normal physical condition can do so, if you are someone who feels you are too old for bicycling, or stressed out about the strains of biking you don’t need to worry, because it completely reduces that barrier.

Are e bikes easy to ride?

E-bikes are really easy to use, after a couple minutes of explanation by our guides, you will only need to get on your e-bike and just ride it like any other bicycle, with the advantage that you will have an extra push by the electric motor, therefore, you just need to pedal smoothly and the motor will give you that extra boost you need to start enjoying the ride while being active and exploring Ecuador.

Are electric bikes sustainable?

For example, on an e-bike Quito city tour, tourists will avoid traffic and discover or visit more places, which, on a regular city tour, by car or walking you won’t be able to accomplish due to traffic, which makes you loose a lot of time in a city like Quito, or if you decide to do a walking tour, there won’t be enough energy to explore too many places as with an e-bike.

Therefore, e-bikes are reliable, suitable and sustainable for a city, town or for visiting a national park (off-road), electric bikes (e-bikes) are the way to go in a country like Ecuador, where you won’t find straight roads, nothing is flat and you are located at a higher elevation. Good news is, that none of them will be a limitation when exploring Ecuador on an e-bike!

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How do e-bikes work?

The electric bikes we use for our Ecuador e-bike tours are mid drive, meaning that the motor is located between the two pedals. Mid drives are lighter and smaller allowing you to have a greater torque, when compared to a hub motor.

Making them well suited for hilly areas as Quito, and off road use, for example Cotopaxi volcano as well as to discover all the areas of Ecuador. The centered position of the motor on the bike makes it a more balanced ride because the center of gravity is right at the center of the bicycle.

How an e bike determines the best way to dole out power is through a torque or cadence sensor, usually the best sensor is the torque sensor. In case of our electric bicycles (e-bikes) it has a torque sensor which regulates the motor based on how hard you are pushing the pedal.

Are e-bikes good exercise?

 If your worry about electric bikes taking away all the fun out of cycling, well let me tell you that you are wrong, instead a study of the cognitive and psychological effects of outdoor cycling, actually found the same results for

e-bikes and traditional bikes.  On the other hand if you are sensitive about global warming, e-bikes are way, more sustainable than electric cars, making cities alive and active, and at the same time you are contributing to clear up traffic jams, to totally reduced CO2 emissions.

Need help planning your visit to Ecuador?

One of our local specialists is here to help!
ebike tour quito, ecuatouring, electric bicycle tour, electric bicycle ecuador
ebike tour quito, ecuatouring, electric bicycle tour, electric bicycle ecuador

Who uses e-bikes?

As many main cities around the world are becoming out of control due to traffic jams, Quito, the Ecuadorian capital is not an exception.

Some companies are turning their eyes to e-bikes to make their deliveries, and in our case Ecuador ebike tours, e-bikes are changing the way that businesses are doing business.

ebike tour quito, ecuatouring, electric bicycle tour, electric bicycle ecuador

 Biking abroad?

 We as EcuaTouring, have taken this option to use it in tourism for Ecuador with a fleet of eleven e-bikes, as an innovative option for tourism in Ecuador. We have made biking abroad possible, for tourists and travelers who visit Ecuador from every part of the globe. You also, can be part of the many travelers who have joined our tours and explored unexplored places. On an ebike you will travel longer distances, with less effort and without polluting within Ecuador mainland and its three different climatological regions, as the highlands, the amazon area and the coast; especially we consider ebikes, are the best option for all the ups and downs of the Ecuadorian highlands e-bikes are an excellent option for touring, recreation and transportation while staying green. Our e-bike tours have also the possibility to carry small children on an e-bike child seat.

 How far can e-bikes go?

It will depend on some factors, as the type of terrain flat or hilly, also will depend on the cyclist weight, as well as if it is asphalt or off roads

for an average distance of 100+ miles or 160km on a flat asphalt road to 50 miles (80km) on an uphill and  off-road. This are the autonomy features specifically for the Focus Jarifa e-bikes we have available for our e-bike tours in Ecuador.

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Mountain bike tours Ecuador, and what to expect!

 And last, e-bikes in Ecuador are a great option to bike with your family and/or friends while visiting the different attractions on the way, they can be cultural attractions or visits to natural outdoor activities as bike parks, rivers, waterfalls. Also if you have higher expectations for cycling as long e-bike rides, you can easily go cycling across Ecuador from north to south, or from east to west, since is relatively a small country it can be crossed cycling on an electric bicycle (e-bike) on an average basis of ten to fifteen days, while venturing on discovering Ecuador in depth next to a Ecuador local tour operator and guide. You plan it we make it possible.

Therefore, we invite you to join our electric bike tours Quito (e-bikes tours Quito),  as well as our electric bike tours around Ecuador (e-bike tour Ecuador), whether is just to visit Quito city or old town, or to visit the surroundings, as Cotopaxi national park, Quilotoa, Cayambe, Antisana. For mountain bike tours around Ecuador there are many different cycling trails throughout Ecuador, being all of them different and extraordinary. Just drop us a line and let us know what part of Ecuador you would like to explore on a mountain e-bike with us!

We will be extra happy to tailor made your e-bike Ecuador tour, and answer any question you may have, please feel free to drop us a line and we will get back to you in no time!!

Need help planning your visit to Ecuador?

One of our local specialists is here to help!
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