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Full of natural and romantic scenarios, extending, from north to south and from east to west. Ecuador is a country where every landscape is different and difficult to tell which setting is or was better. Every turn is full of surprises, there is always more to come!

Ecuador, located in South America, is bordered to the north by Colombia, to the south and east with Peru and to the west with the Pacific Ocean which separates Ecuador’s mainland from the unique humanity world heritage, the Galapagos Islands.

Ecuador´s mainland is crossed from east to west, by the Equator Line or the Equatorial Line. From north to south crossed by the Andes and its endless mountains, peaks and delightful snow-topped volcanoes as part of the highlands natural settings also called the Andean region know as “La Sierra”, at the same time this mountain range, divides Ecuador into two regions. The Amazon jungle, to the east called “El Oriente” with its dense rainforest, wildlife, and in the opposite side, the coastal region or “La Costa” to the west with colorful landscapes and infinite extensive 640 km (1025 miles) of beaches all along the shoreline.

Each of the four regions of Ecuador, with its unique characteristics: climate, culinary traditions, constructive techniques, a variety of produce products unique to every region with extraordinary characteristics. Is what makes this country an extraordinary place especially for outdoor activities.

At the same time this geographical variations give life to 91 ecosystems within Ecuador, making it impressively diverse not only in flora and fauna, but also an infinite variety of fruits and vegetables that can be seen at the Ecuadorian open markets all around, and all year round, at “la feria” or open market where most of them will take place on the weekends.

Some of the distinctive characteristics which make every region so unique may help you with your next Ecuador vacation ideas as well as to decide which Ecuador vacation destinations are the best for you and your companion.
Also, due to its location on the globe, Ecuador has the privilege to have twelve hours of light all year round and almost stable temperatures in every region with slight variations.

All these interesting facts about Ecuador in addition to its warm, generous and simple people are what makes this country an extraordinary place, especially for outdoor activities.

Best Time to visit Ecuador by regions

The Galapagos Islands are a year-round destination


  • Temperature: 30° C
  • Water temperature 23 °C
  • Rainy & Humid
  • Giant Tortoises egg hatching
  • Green Sea turtles start laying their eggs


  • Temperature: 30°C
  • Water temperature 25°C
  • Rainy & Humid
  • Penguins migrate to Isabela & Fernandina from Baltimore Island
  • Marine Iguanas nesting on Santa Cruz


  • Temperature: 31°C
  • Water temperature 25°C
  • Rainy & Humid
  • Frigate birds Mating season on San Cristobal and Genovesa Islands
  • Marine Iguanas start to nest on North Seymour and Fernandina Islands


  • Temperature: 31
  • Water temperature 25
  • Rainy & with cloud and some sun
  • Start of the dry season
  • Waived Albatros complete migration to Española to begin nesting
  • Sea turtles marine Iguanas and land Iguanas are nesting
  • Water temperature is perfect for snorkeling


  • Temperature: 27
  • Water temperature 23
  • Sunny & Clear skies at night
  • Blue-footed boobies mating season including courtship dance
  • Waved Albatros lay eggs on Española


  • Temperature: 26
  • Water temperature 23
  • Sunny & Clear skies at night
  • Humpback whales can be seen
  • To the very north of the islands may be seen whales shark


  • Temperature: 26
  • Water temperature 22
  • Cloudy & Windy
  • Blue-footed boobies nesting season and cormorants
  • Sea lion breeding season


  • Temperature: 26
  • Water temperature 20
  • Showers & lightning
  • Giant tortoises return to the highlands after laying their eggs
  • Sea lions give birth


  • Temperature: 26
  • Water temperature: 21
  • Showers & Windy
  • Penguins courtships on Bartolome
  • Sea lion pups can be spotted


  • Temperature: 26
  • Water temperature 22
  • Sunny & Clear sky to see the stars
  • Blue-footed booby chicks can be seen on Isabella and Española
  • Fur sea lions mating season


  • Temperature: 26
  • Water temperature 22
  • Sunny with some clouds & Night clear skies great for constellation watching
  • Green sea turtles mating season
  • Whale Shark in the north-west


  • Temperature: 27
  • Water temperature 24
  • Sunny & Humid
  • Giant tortoise egg hatching
  • Sea lions and fur sea lions start to breed

Best vacation destinations in Ecuador

Ecuador beach vacation destinations

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