Pilgrimage to the “Virgen del Quinche”


For 411 years there has been the pilgrimage of the Virgin del Quinche. This image was carved more than 450 years ago by Diego de Robles and was initially accepted in Oyacachi for 50 years in an indigenous community, where it is also attributed miracles, then transferred by a bishop to “El Quinche”, where it remains until now.


The Quinche parish is located 60 kilometers from the capital, each year in november thousands of devotees, undertake this walk together with family, friends, children, either in gratitude or in order to request a favor or a miracle.

Since this virgin is attributed miraculous healings of terminal illnesses, the faithful also come to thank her for a good job, health improvements, business improvements, sentimental relationships and so on.


The faithful begin the walk from every corner of the country, it is even known that at this time of the year, migrates living out of the country undertake a trip to visit the sanctuary.

Some of the starting points once in the capital are, Tumbaco, Calderon, Cayambe, Sangolqui from where they start to walk all night ´til dawn to the Sanctuary of the Virgin del Quinche. It is estimated that every year about 800,000 pilgrims come to El Quinche and this will not be the exception. At the Mariano camp next to the sanctuary 35,000 people can attend the mass. According to the planned, pilgrimage will begin this Friday november 18 until monday november 21.

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