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Believe it or not, a day will come when you decide you need a change in your life, you´ve had enough with all the rush and debts. Ecuador is here with a new energy to restart with a transformation in life for good,
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Ready for a new adventure, and to discover a whole new experience, language, food, diverse ecosystems and locals, forget about air conditioning, heat and a russhy life. The life you have been deserving for so long at an affordable price is definetly possible in Ecuador.

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Ready to start a new Adventure?

  • Ready to reclaim for a life that you deserve and can afford?
  • Ready for that huge change in your life and to accept a new life and culture?
  • Ready to give up some things from your home country and start a new life in a different country?
  • Ready to accept a new country with its good and bad things knowing that nothing is perfect?

Welcome to Ecuador, one of the best destinations for relocating in the American continent according to International Living and other expats who already live in Ecuador.

Let´s start with the advantages of living in Ecuador

The first one and maybe one of the most decisive when making this decision for most people is the economic  part. “So what if I tell you that there is a country in the world where you can have the life that you think you deserve and still can save money to travel” let me tell you it is called “Ecuador”, so depending in your expenses it may vary a little.

Lets start with the biggest expense which is housing

For a 3 bedroom apartment in a good to high end area in any of the main cities of Ecuador as Quito, Cuenca, Guayaquil, Manta, Loja is  an average of $500 US dollar, yes! you heard it right, only $500 usd for a full ouse, or nice apartment, arent you surprised about this huge advantage?


By the way this is also a point that makes your life easier, prices are all in US dollars which if you are a US citizen you have something you need to worry about currency exchange since the year 2000

Utility Bills

Utility bills will depend on how much electrical energy and water you used the last month and it’s an expense that sometimes comes included on the price for you monthly rent, but mostly you will need to pay which is in average $45 a month, water bill average $15 and $30 for the light, Internet optical fiber with an average speed of 60Mbps $35 per month and if you live in a condo or gated community you will need to pay between $40 to $100 depends where you live for the security guard and landscaping expenses.

What about heat and Air Conditioner?

No Heat or AC is installed because there is no need for it in the cities located in the highlands it is a spring like weather all year round, in the rainy season you will add an extra blanket to your bed and you´ ll be just fine. Unlike the coast or the Amazon reagion , if you feel you need AC then you will need to look for a palce with AC which are quite normal in the lowlands.

How can I get around?

Transportation is affordable as well, for a bus ride you pay .30cents and for a taxi ride, the minimum you pay for a ten block ride is $2 USD, for a longer ride about $3 dollars, also taxis are everywhere not difficult to find them, unless you live in a country side area, then you will need to own a car or scooter probably.

By the way electric scooters are a great option, if you own a scooter you don’t need to have a registration or plates, you don’t need a license to drive them so you only need to charge them and that is it.

How about Groceries?

Groceries are another thing which is super convenient, so for a couple in average for fruits vegetables, meats, dairy products and eating out 4 day a week you will spend an average of $400 per month which is another fantastic thing that translates that you can have a healthier life.


In general terms Ecuador and its cities are slow paced cities if compared to the capital of the world as NYC or Los Angeles for example, although Quito is the capital it has a feeling of being a town, therefore restaurants are a great option to go to because after you eat nobody is rushing you to leave.

On the other hand nobody is in a hurry when you sit at a restaurant, so make sure you get there with time because time and working under pressure it’s not a thing here. It is difficult to be served right away, at midday most restaurants serve an Almuerzo which is a pre fixed menu, it comes with a soup and a main dish,  where you will have 2 or 3 options to choose from in the soup as well as for the main course,  that is the only food you will be served right away, if you ask for something different to an Almuerzo, be ready to wait at least 10 minutes.

Siesta Time?

Be prepared to see many stores closing at 12noon and reopening by 2 pm, its siesta time! The main cities as Quito and Guayaquil, have lost this tradition but cities like Cuenca and smaller cities or towns do have a break. So just go home and come back at 2 pm if you need to be attended.

Cities as Cuenca and towns like Baños, Cotacachi are walkable cities and this is one of the reasons a good portion of expats prefer this places, since no car is needed.

Healthcare is my concern

Healthcare is another advantage when relocating to Ecuador, you can pay the month minimum to have the public health insurance and you can also have a private health insurance, there are about forty private insurance companies with as low as $100 deductible.

What is I love vegetables?

Since organic food is almost a trend all over the world, Ecuador offers organic produce at the supermarket as well as at the open markets and fairs, so if you go to the supermarket there is a produce section that will say Organic, of course at a bit higher price.

New Life, New Friends!

Be ready to make friends, Ecuador has been chosen by tourists as the most empathetic country in the world many times, Ecuadorians are very friendly and helpful to tourists, if you are lost and your GPs if showing you the wrong place just ask an local, most of the time the “language barrier” will not be a barrier if they know the place, almost sure they will walk you or drive you there, without asking for an economical return.




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EcuaTouring is a womenmanaged company, we are planning your next vacation carefully behind the scenes, eiher with our fixed tours or taylor made itineraries we are happy to help!

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1% of the tours you book with EcuaTouring, goes to feeding and neutering stray dogs which are a big issue in Ecuador and especially in the rural areas of Ecuador we find some hotspots


Relocating to Quito

60$ per person
One Full Day

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