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What is Baños white water rafting?

Since Baños is the  Adventure capital of Ecuador,  Quito to Baños tours are offered all year round by several tour operators who will pick you up from your accommodation to start with the Baños Ecuador tour from Quito, where one of the main adventure and nature sports is the Baños white water rafting which is practiced down the Pastaza river with an average level of 3, although its rapids can scale up to level 4 or 5 depending on the time of the year.

For this Ecuador adventure tour, each participant is provided with the appropriate necessary gear as helmet, wetsuit, life vest, shoes and a paddle. The only thing you need to take with you is a towel a bathing suit and you are all set for the Baños white water rafting experience!

Once you arrive to the side of the river, and the rafts are placed on the ground, there is a some important previous ten minute instructions, where all participants will be explained, how to ride the raft, how to use the paddle and what to do once they get into the raft in the water. Therefore this sport can be practiced by any person who is willing to be part of this adrenaline and adventure sport, without the need of any previous experience, just the will to have fun and enjoy the white water rafting.

For the practice of this sport the Baños adventure tour operator provides an adventure sport licensed guide. As well as a safety kayak, who in case being necessary, he is there to assist since the kayak has the ability to move quickly, as well as to take pictures and videos of this awesome two hours in the Pastaza river, Baños white water rafting is just amazing because it’s all about a coordinated teamwork that will get you safe and sound out of each rapid.

Baños is also known as the doorway to the Amazonia, but Baños, is technically still in the highlands, therefore not in the Amazon yet, probably because of its relative short distance to the first city in the Amazon region of Ecuador closer to Baños, to where you will arrive after 1.5 hours driving on the road towards the Amazonia and descending in elevation which is Puyo.

Baños, is one of the top destinations in the world for outdoor, nature and eco-tourism in Ecuador as well as for adventure lovers and adrenaline seekers, but if white water rafting is not for you, or part of your plan and you are looking to relax and enjoy, Baños has lots of other options on the relaxing side as well.

For a great Baños tour experience from Quito, travel with us!, for EcuaTourig will be a pleasure to take you there! We also have the option To do a three day tour, which includes Baños and a sip of the Amazonia Jungle.

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