At EcuaTouring, we are a small and independent Ecuador local tour operator focused on inbound tourism, offering the best possible tours and packages for those of you who want to discover a slice of paradise which is Ecuador, guided by local guides.

What we offer are, pre-made day tours and packages, as well as tailor made vacation packages, customized tours and dynamic packages according to your time frame, interests and budget for traveling to Ecuador.

What we do as an Ecuador local tour Operator essentially? We essentially take care of all the logistic within Ecuador, needed in order to make your dream visit to the Ecuador the best possible experience, meaning we will take care of your transfers, hotels, transportation guides and any other logistic needed, as well as all the visits to the planned locations and activities, depending on the tour package you have chosen to take according to your interest.

Need help planning your visit to Ecuador?

One of our local specialists is here to help!
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We are not only responsible for the packaged holiday vacation, but also we are constantly in search of  niche tours,  looking for alternatives for special interest tourism such as, rural tourism, community tourism, cultural heritage tourism, outdoor and nature, healing retreats, rituals, ecotourism, vegan and vegetarian  diets, bicycling tours and electric bicycle tours, adventure sport,  hiking tours and so on, for this to be possible, we as an Ecuador Local tour operator, are associated or integrated with other service providers such as communities, restaurants, accommodation, transportation attractions, and other allies. All this, at the end of the day, is an effort we do in order to benefit our travelers, who want to explore Ecuador, a slice of paradise!

We are so passionate about working on tourism because all this blends nicely making tourism extremely democratic, where everyone gets a share making it a sustainable tourism, gladly for our next generations to enjoy all the beauty, diversity and biodiversity Ecuador has to offer.

What is a local tour Operator? We are the creators of the package; you have decided to buy through your travel agent or directly to us on our website or any platform as TripAdvisor or Viator, once you have decided that your destination for the next holiday vacation will be Ecuador. We will be your host from the minute you step in Ecuador, we are the ones who will be with you during your visit along the tours, and this is known as tour operators.  Ecuador local tour operators are known as wholesalers, this is because we as a tour operators are responsible to purchase the products and services, do reservations for hotels and activities before hand, so that once the travelers arrives , everything that was offered in the Ecuador vacation tour or travel package runs smoothly all this job is done before hand, and done behind the scenes, so that you as a tourist only have to worry about enjoying the tour that we have prepared and made possible for you.

And why are Ecuador local tour operators important on the travel and tourism industry for Ecuador? In a country like Ecuador which is economically depressed on rural areas, poverty is a constant fact, due to a lack education, lack of employment, which in many cases forces the natives to abandon the farming activity and therefore their farms, they go to the big cities looking for better days, in terms of their economy, but they are not always lucky enough to find employment nor a better life in the big cities and, can be forced to go back to their land. Here tourism plays a big roll on social impact, helping the local economy as well as the rural economy for them to continue doing what they are good at, and have done it for probably generations which is, taking care of the farmlands as well as their goats, sheep, pigs, cows, llamas and other animals at their farm they are happier and can have a better quality of life as opposed to big cities.

Why book and travel with an Ecuador Local tour Operator? You are supporting the local economy because the money you payed for any tour you have decided to take, will stay and be spent in the host country, in this case Ecuador, unlike multinational corporations operate the tours in Ecuador and take their money anywhere else outside Ecuador this is what is called money leakage which affects badly the country’s economy, it can be taken as unethical and unfair for the country which owns all the beauty as, beaches, mountains jungles, forests, islands or anything that was visited, where the hosts get a tiny fraction in return, so as a tourist you can play a big and important role when shopping for tours correctly and can make sure the money stays where it belongs by preferring a Ecuador local tour operator.

Therefore, local tour operators are good for the planet and good for the local  communities and their economy, we believe that tourism can bring positive and negative effect to a country like Ecuador, however if done right, tourism is in a position  that for the most part can bring a positive impact on everyone’s life, since tourism supports the local economy, helps conserve natural assets, when locals understand that tourism gets to their community or destination attracted by the traditional culture, nature and its beauty, also tourism helps ensure animal welfare when endemic forests and plants are preserved  and lowers the carbon footprint making it also sustainable.

Need help planning your visit to Ecuador?

One of our local specialists is here to help!

Benefits of a positive social impact with tourism in Ecuador, with the support of the board of tourism and government, whom have made an effort on educating the host communities about tourism and its benefits, encouraging the locals to preserve the local culture, beliefs,  language and traditional customs, and let them know that, is them, next to facilities and infrastructure who attract tourism, since tourism comes to visit and learn about the local culture and indigenous communities, luckily in Ecuador we continue to have the privilege to be able to see and visit communities from the different towns and indigenous nationalities spread in different parts of Ecuadors mainland and the three different regions, coast, highlands and Amazon region to visit in Ecuador when traveling with an Ecuador local tours operator.

Tourism in Ecuador in the last years has improved and helped with job creation, becoming a boost for the local communities which host it.  The tourism activity requires a good amount of infrastructure to meet tourists’ needs, this often means that developments done for tourists, locals will use them and benefit from them as well, like new roads and other civil infrastructure, which is considered a positive impact for locals’ quality of life.

This basic infrastructure as roads,  helps tour operators  to have access and connection to the different towns and communities, making the visit smooth and pleasant for visitors who get there for the culture, art, local museums,  traditional crafts as hand looms, painting workshops, traditional dance shows, and last preservation of heritage.

On the other hand always there can be a negative side as well, a negative impact can be considered when there is a very high number of people who visit a destination, like in the case of the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, the country is studying the possibility of limiting the number of people who visit the Galapagos islands on a daily basis, in order to stop it from being destroyed and therefore make it more sustainable in the long run.
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1% of the tours you book with EcuaTouring, goes to feeding and neutering stray dogs which are a big issue in Ecuador and especially in the rural areas of Ecuador we find some hotspots